Reading progress update: I've read 156 out of 318 pages of "The Reapers are The Angels".

Nach dem Ende - Alden Bell, Friedrich Mader

This is by far the dumbest zombie-novel I've ever read!


25 years 'after': there are still working cars and still working filling stations (and electricity!). Well, there are also still working batteries in cars and the pump at a filling station does not need electricity at all!

And the zombies are real loser zombies. How could they ever be any danger to the humans (they are slow - very slow - that tough girl can drive into a city full of zombies, finds a shop full of supplies (25 years after, remember?), loads her van full of supplies and that dangerous zombies are to slow to reach her?) How could zombies that are unable to break any glass window ever be any danger and lead to this:


Human enclaves with power to light the houses at night. Where the hell does the juice come from? No explanation. Because it's just plain stupid.

Fuel stations working 25 years after the 'apocalypse'. 25 years! Oh man, that's so stupid I'll want to throw that book in the oven when Apocalypse chooses to meet me in the end and I need warmth. It will generate heat for me. At last!