The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave (The Fifth Wave, #1) - Rick Yancey

Altogether I liked this Young-Adult-Science-Fiction-Dystopian book. The first 100 pages were amazing: the main character Cassie (a 16 year old girl) describes the alien-apocalypse and how it happened she lost her little brother to the aliens. The first three waves to wipe the earth from humanity. It gripped me very much. There were some minor flaws like [SPOILER] the virus being the third wave and not the first and that big thing the aliens 'throw' into the oceans to produce tsunamis ... ok. I could live with that[/SPOILER]

But then Cassie meets a guy.

You know what I am aiming at. A guy. THAT kind of guy (young adult teenage guy). A good/bad guy. Cassie never knows. The bad/good guy helps her in a way. And from there on I was so annoyed by Cassie. She ever whining: 'Can I trust him? Oh no, oh yes, ohhhhhh... and did I ever mention his chocolate colored eyes?'. I wanted to shake her and ... ok.

The second thing that disturbed me was that the story became predictable by scenes from a second storyline in the book. It was written from the sight of a ... ehm ... guy, but not the guy who Cassie meets. But she knows him from before the alien invasion. So I kind of felt where that would lead. And in the end I've been right (oh yeah ... oh no). 

It has been a gripping story nevertheless. I liked that. Although I sensed the outcoming, the invasion and the forthcoming of the story were suspenseful and I want to read the 2nd part sometimes. But please, author: Cassie needs more reasonable thinking.

Note: I don't like YA or love triangles, quadrates or whatever very much. If you like such YA-stories (dystopian, love triangle - quadrats) you might still like the book more than I did.