Sunrise by Mike Mullin

Sunrise - Mike Mullin

Please read book 1 (Ashfall) and book 2 (Ashen Winter) before reading that review. Even the naming of characters could basically spoil one of the prior books. If you want my opionion without the naming of characters, here's my short opinion:

The whole series does not really feel like Young Adult (which I don't particularly love). The author did a great job at researching the possible effects of the eruption of the Yellowstone-Vulcano and the obstacles survivers in an postapocalyptic winter would have to face. In Sunrise the pace is not that quick but it's still suspenseful and had some very surprising (and shocking and also beautiful) moments. Surviving begins to contain more and more politics and a lot of building. The characters are lovely and I liked the most of some (there's also an evil villain). I always hoped so much for some of the characters. The ending was not perfect, but I liked it. All loose filaments joined together.

Here is my long opinion:

So it is over. The Ashfall-Series ended with Sunrise and I feel a little bit sad about the fact, that I have to leave the characters (okay, I don't have to, I could read the series again which I do sometime). But the series ended in a great way.

I will not say much about the plot because I don't want to spoil anything. As I said in my short review surviving, action, politics, building and relationships are the main topics. The story was gripping and had some very surprising elements: I never knew what would come next. I also had a feeling of menace while reading the book. The time span is larger than in the previous books (years).

The main character Alex is even more mature than in the previous book Ashen Winter. He and Darla are so rational and grounded. I loved that. I liked that in their relationship do not occur implausible dramatic fightings like girl finds boyfriend hugging another girl and then there's fighting blabla. No, Alex and Darla just talk with each other. The drama does not arise from the relationship but rather from the hard environment and the difficulties it creates.

Alex is also a very noble hero and I loved that. Sometimes really too good to be true. But it's just a book. I found him believable though because he always remained true to his principles. Besides that I really can not imagine someone who's that kindheartet after a 'real apocalype'. But, well, it's Young Adult after all. 

Although the book is well researched there were some minor details that did not fit perfectly. But they did not annoy me because overall it felt like a complete packet.

I received a digital copy via Netgalley. Thanks to Tanglewood Press.