The Passage - Love with flaws

The Passage  - Justin Cronin

Okay, I needed one or two days to think about how to rate that book. I really liked it. That I can say. But I really thought about if I even loved it so much that it would get it's full five stars.

This book was the hype book of 2010 (?) or so. The Army wants to create the uber-soldier. Experiments on humans. That thing. One of the objects is Amy, a 6-year old girl. As one expects something fails and the result is a plaque which turns 1 out of 10 citizens into a vampire (virals) and the other 9 of 10 die. But Amy is not like the other infected persons. Only she can rescue everyone that remains ...

I really liked:
- the characters: most of them were very likeable. The more I knew them the more I liked them (although some of them vanished suddenly). It was a long journey and I really like long books, where you go through everything with the chars, live with them, feel with them. This book fully met my expectations in that demand.
- that book kept me interested the full time. I always looked forward to the next free minute to read further.
- it interested me very much although there's ... well ... quite a bit fantasy in it. I tolerate only slight bits of fantasy and the fantasy in this book was well dosed.
- the What-The-Hell-Moments in the last third. Many surprises and twisted turns.

I did not like and that's why I don't give it five stars:
The story had it's flaws. I can stand a bit of logical flaws but in the end the sum was too large. In the last third there were some action-scenes that reminded me of Indiana Jones or something. 
How did that Nun find the way? Or why the hell is there a hotel full of cans next to an ex-military base? And why are there everywhere cans with food? And the virals are never met in buildings where it might be dark? What are these virals doing in the sunlight? 
Sometimes I thought the author had no better idea to proceed the story and suddenly it's something there that helps him out...

And: the author apparently knows what a real mean cliffhanger is. Which is why you find exactly that one at the end of the book. I will read the second part sometime. I want to know how the story of Amy and the other continues. But not now.