The Long Walk - Stephen King

It's that kind of book I don't know what to think about exactly after I've finished. It was amazing, five stars or nothing! It was crap!
It has been a constantly flip-flopping for me. The characters. Who was who? Parker? Okay, I've read that name before. Ah, and there is Baker. Baker? Ah, that guy.

Okay, I admit. Too many names and characters that were to similiar. Only McVries was hell of a guy. And the main character himself? I thought he was tough, but also pale. I liked McVries more ...

Okay, that won't help anybody. I say: the story is sick, cruel and somehow thrilling. Why not. It's a story about 100 guys who know they will die. Only one of them will survive and get THE price. Once a guy walks slower than 4 miles per hour he get's a warning. Three warnings and he'll get shot. The thought that thousands of young men would apply to something like that is ... really sick.

But I admit. It was very thrilling. Some scenes I was horror-stricken. After about 50 % of the book I didn't really want to stop reading. It gripped me very much. After 57 % I read through it because it was very suspenseful.

I think I am like the ugly crowd that's cheering about the death of the Long-Walkers...

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