Ravage - Iain Rob Wright

That Book was my first zombie-novel. I just finished reading it and ... woah, what did I think.
I thought this book was very, very thrilling. I could hardly put it down and had to force me stop reading to get some sleep.

I liked the characters. Most of them were just 'good people' while others were the bad ones a good story needs (besides the zombies). And this story had some good twists although in the second half I could sense were the plot would lead. The end was surprising nevertheless but I did not like it very much...

Of course it's a zombie novel and therefore unrealistic on its own terms but some story elements seemed a little bit impossible, like streets full of accidents and a bus driving nevertheless. But I lived with it and just enjoyed the tension. Because of the tension and the characters I give 5 stars (and maybe because it was my first zombie book and I have to admit it was horrenduos every now and then ^^)

There were some minor mistakes like double words or missing quotation marks. Nothing serious.