Ashfall - Mike Mullin Wow, this book was great. It was a real pageturner, I just could not stop reading because I always wanted to know what would happen next ...

It's an apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic book without fantasy-elements. The supervolcano at Yellowstone erupts and totally changes life in US (and probably in other parts of the world - but we don't read about that very much). The reader follows 15 year old Alex, an average Amercian teenager. Okay, he has some skills like a black belt in taekwondo and that will help him later ... Alex is travelling across the devastated USA (900 miles away from the eruption ... ashfall) to find his familiy and he experiences some really hard obstacles. Starvation, injury, finding a dry place to rest, finding food. Basic needs are the greatest needs.

I am not into YA, really not. I avoided YA-dystopian novels as long as I could, because young main characters do not attract me very much. But the story of this book really interested me and I wanted to know if the author was able to describe a plausible after-eruption world. And I can definitaley say: he was. Everything I read may happen, it's plausible and well researched (of course nobody knows it, because there has been no eruption of a supervulcano - luckily - since the rising of manhood). How the ash would slow down movement, how cars etc won't function anymore. That skier are the best means of transportation. The world he describes is dreadful and I imagined myself in a dark world full of ash and with humans that will do everything to survive.

The plot was very good, the characters were okay. The main character was no super-hero and hat weak points and he was ... human and social. The girl he meets is often smarter than him but he accepts it and handles it very wisely. There's a bit romance in this book, but it added good to the story. The relationship is well developed, slow and a little bit captivating.

One of the best post-apocalyptic books I've read yet.