I Am Legend - Richard Matheson

I never watched the movie to the end because those zombie/vampire-movies are too disturbing for me (no joke). Especially the scenario in this book: a man, totally alone, in the night the vampires gather around his house. How does he manage to not go loopy? And are there other people alive somewhere?

The book differs very much from the movie. In the movie the guy is a scientist, in the book just an average guy who just starts to find out about the cause of the plaque. In the movie there's a dog from the beginning - in the book there is not. (That's when I stopped watching the movie: when the dog runs into that damn building and the guy follows him ... Since I didn't see the movie I thought I read the book and fortunately I received a lot of books as a gift recently and that book was among them.)

There where two sentences in the book that stopped my heart. Number one was: "The clock had stopped.", and number two was very heart-wrenching but it would reveal too much.

I thought the human despair was very well described, so it was no easy read. It's a fast read and I had to read through the book in one go. A book I will think about some time.